Codima Launches Five New Specialized Toolboxes

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Codima Launches Five New Specialized Toolboxes

May 13, 2010

Codima Inc., a global provider of integrated network management software products, has launched its new product portfolio which includes its five new task-based toolboxes with common reports system, alarm system, GUI and methodology using Microsoft Office Visio for easy to use visual live features.

These easy to use and cost efficient toolboxes are the company's first fully integrated task based toolboxes for network management, tailored to meet all the needs of the specific tasks involved in managing business critical Data and IP Telephony networks.

"Focusing on what IT Professionals need in their daily work to meet end user demand and to drive down IT costs, we have collaborated with our customers to create resourceful One Stop solutions delivering true customer value. Our new offering demonstrates Codima's ability to develop fully integrated advanced technology at the same time bringing products to the market that are easy to install, configure and use," Christer Mattsson, chief executive officer at Codima said.

Mattsson also expressed his belief that these specialized toolboxes have enabled the company to widen its offering and expand its addressable market.

Codima Toolbox All In One covers the complete set of tools offered by the Codima technology for enterprises, system integrators, consultants and service providers alike and the other four includes; Codima IT Inventory & Mapping Toolbox, Codima IT Engineer Toolbox, Codima VoIP Readiness Toolbox, Codima VoIP Monitoring & Troubleshooting Toolbox.

Codima Toolbox All in One are designed to provide all the available tools and is the total solution. The other four toolboxes provide the specialized tools required for their individual focused tasks like; asset inventory & reports, mapping, visualizing in visio, multi site scheduler, IP pinging, global alarm system, SNMP monitoring, bottleneck analysis, path analysis, protocol analysis, passive analysis, VoIP pre deployment assessment, VoIP monitoring, VoIP troubleshooting, frame flow analysis, SQL call logging, VoIP simulation, reports manager, remote manager.

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