Interview: the Evolution of the Smartphone and Complimentary Call Recording Systems

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Interview: the Evolution of the Smartphone and Complimentary Call Recording Systems

December 21, 2009

With smartphones making their way into every business and household, the smartphone “boom” seems more like the dot-com burst back in 2001 than just a new group of devices trickling in to the telecom industry.
And, with the smartphone industry trend, more and more companies with complimentary systems are also voicing their opinions about what to possibly expect from the smartphone sector.
In fact, Craig McCue, director of Sales & Business Development at OrecX told TMCnet’s CEO Rich Tehrani in a recent interview, printed in full below, that while it’s not entirely crystal clear which smartphones will dominate the market once the smartphone storm calms, but one things certain: OrecX call recording will play a key role in the growth of smartphone use.

McCue also told Tehrani that, in addition to its call recording playing a role in the evolution of smartphones, OrecX’s system will also drive wideband audio and HD VoIP to the mainstream market in just a few short weeks, as well as other market trends to expect in 2010.
Their full exchange follows:

Rich Tehrani: Smartphones continue to rise, find their ways into offices and homes alike. Who will dominate that market and why?
We are not sure who will dominate this market, but we anticipate that OrecX call recording will play a key role in the growth of smartphone use.
RT: We hear more and more about high-definition voice features in IP communications products and services. What is going to drive wideband audio and HD VoIP into the mainstream market? How long will it take?
OrecX call recording will play a huge part in driving wideband audio and HD VoIP into the mainstream market. This should take place within a few short weeks.
RT: What’s the most innovative product that’s going to hit the market in 2010, from a company other than your own?
That is probably a trick question since it is widely accepted that OrecX call recording is known as the most innovative solution on the market.
RT: We entered 2009 in a recession and now we’re seeing signs of the economy picking up. How did the slow economy affect demand for your products and services and what are you anticipating in 2010?
Our hope is that our successful formula of offering a great call recording solution at a great price continues to gain momentum.
RT: President Barack Obama has been in office for nearly a year. What has surprised you, whether a pleasant surprise or disappointment, about his presidency, policies and administration?
I prefer not to comment on politics, but will say that OrecX greatly appreciates any endorsement as the call recording solution preferred by the current administration.
RT: If you were president of the United States, what tech-friendly policies would you enact?
Anyone interested in OrecX call recording would receive free installation & trial period (this is actually available now)
RT: What are some of the areas of market growth in the next few years?
We have concluded that call recording will be the key market of growth in the next few years
RT: I understand you are speaking during ITEXPO East 2010 in Miami, to be held Jan. 20 to 22. Talk to us about your session or sessions. Who should attend and why?
I will be providing sneak peek into OrecX's plan to provide their call recording platform to any company looking to save significant money on their recording budget. We are expecting an overflow crowd & have made the necessary security arrangements.
RT: Please give me one outrageous prediction pertaining to our markets for 2010.
The acceptance of OrecX as the call recording platform of choice for growing companies will be the largest contributing factor in the global economic recovery.

To find out more about Craig McCue and OrecX, visit the company at ITEXPO East 2010. To be held Jan. 20 to 22 in Miami, ITEXPO is the world’s premier IP communications event. McCue is speaking during “Reducing IT Costs with VoIP Recording Strategies.” Don’t wait. Register now.

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