Daisy Group Picks Resilient's Call Recording

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Daisy Group Picks Resilient's Call Recording

November 20, 2017

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Daisy Group is offering Resilient plc’s business mobile call recording solutions to its unified communications customers. That prepares the U.K. supplier and its customers for upcoming GDPR and MiFID II requirements.

GDPR, adopted by European Parliament last year, takes effect in the European Union on May 25. The goal of GDPR is to standardize data protection regulations across the EU.

Organizations that collect and/or process data from EU residents must meet GDPR rules. That includes organizations based outside the EU. It also includes the U.K., which will still be part of the EU at that point.

It covers such data as bank details and medical information. But even email addresses, home addresses, IP addresses, and names are covered by GDPR. So are

photos and social media posts.

If a data breach does occur and is likely to harm those affected, the GDPR requires companies to notify authorities within 72 hours. The GDPR also elevates data breach fines to 10 million Euro (€10,000,000) – or 2 percent of total worldwide annual turnover – whichever is higher.

As for MiFiD II, it makes recording of mobile conversations related to financial transactions mandatory on both personal- and company-owned devices. It requires organizations to store these interactions for five years. And it covers conversations between both wealth managers and independent financial advisors, and their clients.

The Council of European Union adopted the final texts of MiFID II in April 2014. January 2017 was set as the initial deadline for MiFID II compliance. But it was pushed back to January of 2018, so it takes effect in a little more than a month. That means companies that have not yet implemented compliant call recording solutions need to get busy.

There are three Resilient-powered Daisy Group offerings. That includes Daisy smartnumbers Mobile Call Recording, which records business mobile phone conversations and SMS messages. It works both on corporate and personal devices.

Daisy smartnumbers Vault, meanwhile, is a cloud-based repository for securely storing these recordings. It maintains these business calls and SMS messages for seven years – as specified by MiFID II. And businesses can monitor and search recordings using the Daisy smartnumbers Compliance Console.

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