PDX Partners Launch Private Recording Devices for iOS Devices

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PDX Partners Launch Private Recording Devices for iOS Devices

November 17, 2017

Now, everyone can be a spy and nothing that you say is sacred, as PDX Partners announced its partner, TeleQuery, released Life Matters, a sly mobile audio recording system for Apple products. The iOS-based Life Matters uses in-app buying so users can purchase keys for unlocking its encrypted private safety. The key can also unlock recording of business and personal conversations.

TeleQuery President Jerry Gilels had this to say: “If you ever find yourself in a position where someone accuses you of saying something other than what you actually said, with the Life Matters app you will now be able to respond with, ‘OK, so let’s listen to exactly what I said!’

He points out that single-party notification applies in 41 of 50 states, so only the recording party has to be aware a call is being recorded.  That means consent is not required by the second party.  In California, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Washington both parties must consent to call recording, meaning the recording party, must notify the second party or ask for consent – regardless of which party is in one of the two-party notification state.

As businesses users become increasingly dependent upon their mobile devices, there may often be situations where call recording is required.  The Life Matters app makes recording interviews and other business conversations on iOS devices simple – as long as they abide by call recording regulations.  It allows users increased flexibility to conduct business away from their more fixed phones. 

The final version was given to Apple for an iOS app in early November and shareholders will be apprised as to when it is officially available for purchase. As of today, the only app in the Apple store for purchase is LifeMatters (one word), which is a fitness app, so do not be confused.

“In-app purchasing to buy keys to unlock encrypted personal safety, business, and/or personal conversation recordings with so much going on these days is a game changer,” said CEO Patrick Johnson. “This app makes it virtually impossible for people to distort the truth and keep you safe if you use it,” he said. 

Is this going to be a positive app to make communicating simpler or will it feel like a violation if you do not know you are being recorded? Only time will tell when the reviews come in.

Will mobile call recording help you be more effective in your work?

Edited by Erik Linask

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