TeleWare, Pennine Partner to Provide Compliant Call Recording

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TeleWare, Pennine Partner to Provide Compliant Call Recording

November 14, 2017

Compliance is a popular topic these days in the contact center, but next year when the rubber meets the road with the new MiFID II and GDPR regulations come into the play this will be a major talking point for firms far and wide. Sure, regulations are not new, but the inclusion of compliant call recording software across the contact center landscape is.

This week, TeleWare and Pennine announced a new partnership aimed at bringing compliant call recording solutions to the channel, which will also expand the presence of TeleWare’s call recording solution at a time when compliance is of utmost of import.

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With the call recording space poised to see exponential growth coming as a result of new regulations, this pairing couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. The TeleWare call recording solution will now be part of Pennine’s product portfolio, including TeleWare’s SMS and voice recording capabilities, as well as TeleWare’s newest offering, Re:Call – a compliant call recording application.

Steve Haworth, CEO of TeleWare said: “We have long been aware of Pennine’s work in business communications so are pleased to have created this partnership. The partnership comes at a crucial time, with many regulated businesses facing a host of incoming regulations in 2018 for which they’ll need appropriate technology. Our new Re:Call app was created with customer requirements and incoming regulation in mind. Using technology to help businesses and individuals navigate these new rules.”

RE:Call owes its creation to GDPR, as it was developed in order to meet the new regulations. it is capable of delineating between business and personal interactions – calls and SMS – keeping control of data in the hands of individual’s and meeting the EU’s requirements.

Steve Watts, sales director at Pennine, adds: “There are many synergies between Pennine and TeleWare. We’re thrilled to be able to announce this new partnership. TeleWare’s services, notably the new Re:Call app, will provide immediate benefit to both new and existing customers looking to future-proof themselves against new regulation.”

Call recording was once a nice feature to a contact center solution, however, today it is a necessity for any modern business.

What call recording solution is in your contact center?

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