MyOperator Addresses SEBI Compliance

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MyOperator Addresses SEBI Compliance

November 10, 2017

Call recording is a necessity regardless of industry, but each industry possesses unique regulatory challenges, i.e. compliance. The Security and Exchange Board of India, or SEBI, recently strengthened compliance demands for those in finance, and a certain cloud telephony startup is stepping in to offer a call recording product capable of ensuring compliance.

MyOperator is an Indian firm focused on cloud-based telephony, and recently unveiled an offering specifically for stockbrokers, which includes its call recording and SMS documentation features to meet the new SEBI regulations. 

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"Post decision of SEBI regulation it is imperative for stockbrokers to get hold of solution which brings transparency in the trading process. This regulation will further bring strength to the stock market trading. MyOperator is the only platform that supports both the mobile and IVR recordings along with SMS documentation on the cloud," said CEO MyOperator, Ankit Jain.

A MyOperator deployment takes a grand total of 15 minutes, as it does not require installing software or hardware. This will certainly come in handy for the more than 35,000 stock brokers in India, as it will aid in managing and calls during peak business hours by IVR and call routing functionality. And, it empowers re-marketing and daily call reports.

"Key players in the stock market viz. SAS Online, SIC Stocks and Services, MCX Clues, Trustline Commodities are already using MyOperator," he added.

Call recording is a key component of any operation. Whether it’s for compliance, quality assurance or training purposes the benefits are real and a plenty. A robust call recording solution can offer invaluable insight, but you already know that.

What call recording solution is your business using?

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