Now Stores Recordings in Azure

Call Recording Featured Article Now Stores Recordings in Azure

November 03, 2017

Sales acceleration outfit now allows customers take leverage Microsoft Azure to store their call recordings.

“Our customers have created millions of hours of call recordings for coaching or compliance purposes," said Dave Elkington, CEO and founder of "We wanted to make it simple, secure and cost effective for them to store those recordings for long periods of time. Microsoft offers world-class cloud services through its global network of managed data centers. InsideSales customers using Predictive PowerDialer can retain and review their sales call recordings through our seamless integration with Microsoft Azure.”

InsideSales provides the Predictive PowerDialer. It features call recording.

The sales acceleration market is expected to exceed $30 billion this year. Sales acceleration tools are important because they put the power in the hands of the people that have the actual relationships with customers. Specifically, sales acceleration software enables these individuals to more easily identify hot leads, to reach out to those prospects with appropriate prepackaged emails and other content, and it automates the follow up process so sales people remember how and when to circle back with clients and prospects for best results.

As for call recording, it can be useful for training purposes, to keep a record of customer interactions for future use, to help settle disputes, and to better need the needs of customers through service and product design improvements.

Contact center call recording also enables organizations to:

• keep records for posterity and (legal) protection,

• measure the success of initiatives such as specific campaigns and promotions, and

• support their compliance efforts.

“Recording your reps’ sales calls and using the results to inform coaching and training sessions can yield new insights into your team’s performance and your sales strategy as a whole,” Danny Wong wrote for Entrepreneur in 2016. “While many managers are reluctant to utilize call-recording for fear that it will alienate their employees, most reps understand that the initiative is designed to help them succeed.”

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