Verint Unveils Automated Quality Management

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Verint Unveils Automated Quality Management

November 03, 2017

The contact center requires much in the way of attention. From onboarding and training, to call routing and the actual and delivery of customer service there are many moving parts, to say the least. An integral piece to contact center operations operating at all systems go is quality management. The purpose of the contact center is to address customer issues, complaints or queries, and quality management ensures, well, quality interactions.

This week, Verint unveiled its Automated Quality Management (AQM) solution that comes as an integrated element of the Verint workforce optimization suite, and is capable of automating the quality management process – end to end.

Not new to quality management, Verint is raising the bar for artificial intelligence and automation. With the new release, agent scoring and the assignment of coaching is entirely automated with a transparent evaluation process in a more digestible format for sharing. Gone are the days of countless hours of monitoring and grading individual calls; today, technology is doing the heavy lifting.

“Empowering organizations to use advanced automation is a customer engagement game-changer. We have transformed our existing quality management solution by enabling all contact center calls to be scored objectively with coaching that can be delivered more quickly,” says John Goodson, Verint’s SVP and GM of products.

The unfortunate problem with far too many contact centers is not taking advantage of all the data at hand. Allow me to explain, often times, all calls are recorded, but far from 100 percent of those recordings are reviewed, which translates to invaluable insight missed. While deploying the Verint solutions seems like a major leap into the world of AI, the workforce optimization provider puts the degree of automation in the client’s hands. Dip a toe, or dive in headfirst, the choice is theirs.

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“We knew there had to be a better way and our customers did, too,” Goodson concludes. “By redefining and automating the entire QM process, we are raising the bar for future offerings in the market. It’s a no-brainer that is changing the way the industry thinks about quality assurance.”

In the customer service world, there are no points for second place. Each interaction is crucial to a company’s short term and long term success, so make sure to keep quality management front of mind.

What quality management solution is in your contact center?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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