Atmos Speaks Your Language

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Atmos Speaks Your Language

October 24, 2017

Businesses task Contact centers with the provision of exceptional customer service. Leveraging cloud-based, compliant call recording an interaction management solutions to go abound and beyond with each interaction. But, with the size of the world shrinking every day, the language barrier is coming into focus.

This week, CallCabinet announced multi-language support for Atmos, its cloud-based call recording solution. In adding multi-language support, customers can navigate the Atmos User Interface in any language. This makes for a nice fit for multinational customers with regional compliance requirements to meet.

The newly added support empowers contact centers to record, search and retrieve calls in one’s native tongue, while keeping within compliance requirements. This new feature adds to the allure of Atmos in a big way.

While complete control in scale allows for users to only pay for what they use, the CallCabinet team continues to innovate so customers get tip of the spear solutions to ensure rapid ROI.

“With the addition of multi-language support in Atmos combined with our global footprint, our customers can take advantage of our unique subscription-based call recording and interaction management tools, no matter the geography,” states Ryan Kahan, CEO at CallCabinet Corporation.

CallCabinet also announced a newly expanded global cloud footprint – to the tune of 20 regional data centers to address statutory and sovereignty regulations, as well as data compliance.

“CallCabinet’s array of global servers ensures that all our customers can meet their regional, legal and data sovereignty requirements in the vast majority of territories,” continued Kahan.

Curious to learn more? Kahan and the CallCabinet team is showcasing Atmos and the newly added multi-language support at BroadSoft Connections taking place at the JW Marriott Phoenix Ridge Resort & Spa in Phoenix, Arizona.   

Deploying a compliant call recording solution is a good first step for any contact center to improve operations.

What call recording solution do you use? 

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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