PTP Partners with CallMiner

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PTP Partners with CallMiner

October 19, 2017

A highly investigated, researched and discussed matter in the contact center, the customer experience, is a key differentiator for companies. The adoption of engagement and speech analytics introduces invaluable operational insights to keep both agents and customers alike smiling ear to ear.

This week, speech and customer analytics firm, CallMiner, announced a new partnership with PTP, which brings together CallMiner contact center expertise with a preeminent customer experience consulting firm.

PTP President, John Podlipnik noted, “We offer CX strategy, implementation and support services, and are always looking for the right technology partners such as CallMiner that offer tremendous value for our clients. By leveraging CallMiner’s speech analytics, we’ll provide contact centers with an entirely new layer of intelligence that reflects every customer interaction.”

Synergy is this deal’s middle name, as in recent years PTP is urging customers to move away from legacy deployments to adopt robust, modern contact center solutions capable of providing customers with the expected exceptional omnichannel experience.  Offering support every step of the way, PTP is walking clients through creating customer journey maps, innovation and process optimization.

The CallMiner Eureka platform coupled with PTP’s custom integration services promises to purvey every single interaction between agents and customers. The Eureka platform then turns records into searchable text. In addition, Eureka takes language, tone, volume of speech and stress in one’s voice to draw an accurate portrayal of customer sentiment, digging into customer feelings about brands, products.  

“We’re thrilled to partner with PTP to provide their clients with meaningful data on how to improve call center metrics,” exclaims CallMiner CEO, Paul Bernard. “They’re focused squarely on the customer experience as a whole, and desired a customer-focused platform that would transform call center operations.”

A picture says a thousand words, but numbers never lie. Data-driven operations take the guesswork out of things, and leave the heavy lifting to future-forward, robust contact center solutions.

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Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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