Dialog Direct Declares 'Eureka!'

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Dialog Direct Declares 'Eureka!'

October 13, 2017

Call recording and monitoring is a must in the contact center. In addition to listening to calls, leveraging analytics offers actionable insight to improve operations – from training agents on working with an outraged customer, or knowing when, what and how to upsell. The contact center is a complex place, but with the appropriate solutions in place, compliance, engaged customers and agents are the end result.

This week, Dialog Direct selected CallMiner’s Eureka platform and MyEureka solution in order to enhance its Dialog Direct platform to provide a more comprehensive offering that includes robust call analytics and transcribes all customer interactions into searchable text.

Specifically, Dialog Direct put Eureka to work on agent training, coach and adherence to improve call flow processes. Eureka is able to improve close and activation rates by offering agents guidance throughout the call.

“We require a proven call monitoring and analytics solution that works seamlessly with our multichannel customer service and marketing platforms” said Dave Drayton, Chief Sales & Solutions Officer at Dialog Direct. “CallMiner adds another layer of insight and intelligence that we can provide our service team for improved customer care. Their solutions fit well with our core services, which improve engagement among customers by offering personalized and relevant experiences and dialogues. We also appreciate their hands-on approach and willingness to guide our team through the proper organizational processes.”

With Eureka in place, management can have peace of mind that agents are in compliance, not following proper protocol or simply missing out on sales opportunities. Actionable insight allows for optimal operations and processes.

“We’re thrilled to work with Dialog Direct, an industry leader that helps brands to manage the multi-channel customer journey,” says CallMiner CEO, Paul Bernard. “Eureka provides them with the complete picture of agent performance because it captures every call and every spoken word. Dialog Direct is already achieving positive improvements in their key agent metrics as their coaching and management team now have context into what’s happening on every single call.”

Call monitoring and recording are no longer optional. In addition to helping a contact center with compliance, as a training tool, a robust solution including analytics is invaluable. Stop guessing, and know with analytics. Customer service will be better for it.

Do you have an analytics solution in your contact center?

Edited by Erik Linask

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