Call Recording Offers Many Benefits

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Call Recording Offers Many Benefits

October 11, 2017

Delivering quality customer experiences has become a rallying cry across the business universe in recent years. That’s because customers are increasingly fickle, and more demanding when it comes to the service they expect.

How exactly organizations attack the CX challenge, however, varies far and wide.

But one tool in the arsenal is call recording. Call recording offers a variety of benefits that can help improve internal operations so businesses can be more effective in delivering optimal customer service while being more responsive in their product design.

“Leading call recording software offer a range of modalities to allow organizations to use the call recording strategy that suits them best – passive VoIP, active VoIP and SIP trunk recording as well as standard SIPREC support,” according to a recent article on call recording. “Leading call recording software will also easily integrate with products and systems from all leading IP telephony vendors and offer excellent reliability, scalability, compression and capacity, making it easy and convenient to get started on improving the customer experience.”

Recorded calls can be reviewed in real time or after the fact to enable managers and contact center agents themselves to get a better idea of what happened during calls, what worked well, what could and should be improved, and what else can be learned from these interactions. This is a learning opportunity not only for agents, but also for the organization as a whole and what that business can do to make customer interactions as frictionless as possible.

“What call recordings can do is let you know beyond a doubt what customer pain points are when it comes to your customer service,” the article notes. “Was it hard to find the number? Did they have to wait on hold? Were they escalated to another agent, forcing them to rehash their entire conversation? It’s one thing to know a metric like time to first contact, but it’s a whole other thing to hear direct from customers on call recordings that waiting X number of minutes is Y number of minutes too long. Call recordings spell out those pain points, plain and simple.”

Call recording also can help organizations meet compliance requirements, can be used as a tool for new agent training, and can be leveraged to inform companies on future product and service design.

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