Verint Opens Ears to Voice of the Customer

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Verint Opens Ears to Voice of the Customer

September 21, 2017

The ability to hear the voice of the customer is paramount, especially in the contact center. Analytics are making waves a way to gain actionable insight into customer behavior and interactions, to boost the bottom line. Before the analytics come in to play, most firms utilize call recording software to compile interaction data, and a robust solution is capable of doing all number crunching.

This week, Verint was spotlighted in the recently released “The Forrester Wave: Customer Journey Analytics Visioning Platforms, Q3 2017” as a “Strong Performer.” Put simply, Verint received the highest possible score in a number of different criteria – workflow automation and design improvement, as well as connecting the data, journey behavior and business impact analysis.

"Listening to, analyzing and action on the voice of the customer are critical for all organizations and industries," says Verint's Ben Smith, global vice president and general manager, Customer Engagement Solutions. "Verint's shared real-time intelligence helps brands identify customers' needs, issues and preferences so they can take action within the context of each individual's journey, in meaningful ways that both benefit customers and the organization serving them. Our strategic partnership with journey analytics thought-leader Andrew Reise Consulting and acquisition of digital feedback pioneer OpinionLab® are strong complements furthering the unique capabilities we bring to this space."

The results of the report placed Verint head and tails above the 13 other vendors placed under the microscope. Shining in areas like security, workforce optimization, employee engagement and data capture.

The formula for successful contact centers is simple. Collect as much data as possible, and within that pool of customer/agent interaction and the like, gain the maximum amount of actionable insight. Take this newly learned knowledge, and revamp operations, policies and agent training to reflect an understanding of the voice of the customer. This may sound pretty straightforward, one would be surprised at the number of firms not doing this.

Can your company hear the voice of the customer?

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