Semafone Appoints New CFO

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Semafone Appoints New CFO

September 13, 2017

Customer data protection is front of mind for policymakers around the globe. As a result, the regulatory climate is rich with compliance regulations – from GDPR and MiFID II, to PCI DSS and beyond. For years, the contact center was an often underappreciated arm of operations, but today, it is more important than ever. Not simply for providing service, but ensuring operations are in compliance.

This increased focus on compliance is resulting in those firms offering exceptional solutions in space seeing robust growth. This week, Semafone announced the appointment of John Donaldson to the position of Chief Finance Officer (CFO) to build off of the impetus from the past calendar year.

“It’s an incredibly exciting time to be taking the finance helm at Semafone,” John Donaldson, Semafone CFO, explained “The company is going from strength to strength not just here in the U.K., but also in North America and Australia. It’s rewarding to join such a highly experienced team and to add my own knowledge of growing international companies to Semafone’s already solid business successes.”

Semafone offers a patented method to capture sensitive customer data safely over the phone, and is seeing much success as a result. So much so, that a number of companies offering PCI DSS compliance and contact center products have adopted the Semafone solution for use. Adoption is growing, with many viewing the approach as the global standard.

In specific, the method does not have customers read card numbers aloud. Instead, customers can enter sensitive payment information via the keypad, which disguises the data and makes credit card numbers and the like unidentifiable.

Semafone CEO Tim Critchley said, “We had an extremely successful year in 2016…I’m confident that John’s appointment will help continue this momentum and keep us on target to meet our ambitious growth goals. He brings with him an impressive track record of driving business growth, and has the technology and software expertise to back up his commercial skills, notably with ‘hosting services’ and the associated SaaS/recurring revenue business models which is becoming increasingly important for Semafone as we add more hosted platforms. We’re thrilled to have John join the Semafone team.”

Donaldson is walking into a promising position, as it seems the expansion of data compliance regulations has no end in sight. And those capable of protecting customer information – and companies for that matter – from the high cost of compliance issues will seize the day.

Is your contact center in compliance? 

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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