EdgeMarc Skype for Business Edition Intelligent Edge Makes the Grade

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EdgeMarc Skype for Business Edition Intelligent Edge Makes the Grade

September 08, 2017

The nuts and bolts of the modern, omnichannel contact center are far more than some monitors and desk top phones. Between wading through the waters of regulation and compliance, to integrating your CRM and more, the complexity mounts rather quickly. Fortunately, for those that favor Skype for Business gained access to high performing VoIP solution, which will ensure all calls are of exceptional quality.

Today, Edgewater Networks unveiled the EdgeMarc Skype for Business Edition Intelligent Edge – EdgeMarc 7301. The new release builds on EdgeMarc’s long history of supporting SIP trunking and hosted telephony deployments for a number of the world’s largest communications providers.

"As the demand for Microsoft Skype for Business implementations increases, we knew we needed to achieve independent verification for the EdgeMarc line of intelligent edge solutions," said Jennifer Kidd, VP of Business Development at Edgewater Networks. "Going through tekVizion's independent testing lab proves the EdgeMarc Skype for Business Edition Intelligent Edge is capable of providing security and protection of SIP traffic, voice quality monitoring, and quality of service prioritization in Skype for Business deployments."

In deploying the 7301, SMBs can support up to 500 simultaneous calls and with a call recording solution like Atmos in place, all calls can be analyzed and in compliance. Coupled with the EdgeView Service Control Center, quality assurance and monitoring gains a boost, as operators are capable of indentifying and resolving network issues that could hinder VoIP quality.

"The 7301 provides the functionality and interoperability that is required as part of our managed services offering," says Christopher Ready, VP of Professional Services at Everest Communication Group. "It permits our clients that have an on-premise Skype for Business deployment an affordable SBC connection to the SIP Provider of their choice knowing it is secured."

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