Call Recording Week in Review: Hurricane Harvey, Dubber and BroadSoft, CallMiner and Voxbone

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Call Recording Week in Review: Hurricane Harvey, Dubber and BroadSoft, CallMiner and Voxbone

September 02, 2017

Call recording, while most often implemented for quality assurance and compliance purposes, has benefits that extend far beyond those reasons.  The truth is businesses never know what situations may arise that would benefit from being able to access recorded calls, but each week, new ways companies benefit seem to arise.

Kicking off this week’s coverage, in a timely story, considering the unfortunate emergency situation in southeast Texas, Paula Bernier points out that benefit call recording and monitoring can offer emergency services personnel as they attempt to handle the flooding in and around the Houston area.  Emergency calls are above capacity, but monitoring and recording capabilities help assess and prioritize them to ensure everyone can be assisted.

From Down Under, Dubber is embedding its call recording technology into its BroadSoft UCaaS offer, making it easier for Aussie businesses to take advantage of its features as an integrated package, whether they are required to for regulatory purposes or not... there are many benefits to call recording beyond compliance.

In other news from around the globe, a South African insurance company showed how call recording can be used to increase customer satisfaction when it used a call recording to confirm information that had been relayed to a customer.  While most companies implement recording for compliance and training purposes, this is one of many examples of recordings serving a very positive purpose and most likely helping retain a customer – and perhaps even win others thanks to word-of-mouth advertising.

And finally, customer engagement and speech analytics company CallMiner is merging with cloud communications provider Voxbone.  CallMiner VP of Global Business Tom Wendt had this to say about the deal:  “We are thrilled that Voxbone’s customers will have access to CallMiner Eureka to help boost sales, streamline resolution times and generally increase visibility for their voice-based processes.” 

The Call Recording community will continue to bring you the latest news and stories from the industry.  Bookmark it today to stay informed.

Edited by Erik Linask

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