BroadSoft Embeds Dubber Call Recording

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BroadSoft Embeds Dubber Call Recording

August 31, 2017

The name Dubber may not sound like much. But the company has had a lot of success in just six years. And this week the Australian call recording company announced what looks to be a very important deal with BroadSoft.

BroadSoft is embedding the Dubber technology in its BroadSoft Business unified communications as a service. That means Dubber will be a standard feature within BroadSoft Business cloud PBX, call center, and unified communications solutions that run on the global BroadCloud managed services platform.

That’s a big deal, considering BroadSoft’s position in the market. IHS Markit in January 2017 named BroadSoft the global UCaaS platform leader, with 38 percent of the total worldwide UCaaS seats running on its platform. Many of the large service providers rely on the BroadSoft platform to power their UC services.

“Dubber’s call recording platform has been designed to provide scale across a service provider’s customer base, enabling solutions for use cases which go beyond always on recording for specific regulatory and contact center requirements,” says Dubber CEO Steve McGovern. “By enabling Dubber as a standard feature, service providers around the world using BroadCloud Carrier will be able to quickly meet end user demand for call recording, with absolutely no capital equipment outlays.

“Customers will be able to record a call on demand and, by having the service already enabled, the service provider will be able to take the customer on a journey from on demand to various packages of call recording based on required usage,” McGovern added. “We also see significant opportunities to progress Dubber’s long-term goal of providing big data applications via our intelligence suite Zoe across BroadCloud’s global telecommunication service providers.”

Zoe is the name of Dubber’s intelligence engine. It delivers speech analytics, which can uncover actionable insights about customers and team members.

Dubber technology will become available as an embedded feature of BroadSoft Business unified communications as a service offerings in Australia first. It is slated to be available globally as part of the BroadSoft UcaaS offering by the end of the year.

BroadSoft and Dubber have been partners for a couple of years. In 2015 the Melbourne-based company become accredited as a BroadSoft BroadWorks interoperability partner.

That was just one year after the Dubber service went live, and the same year it was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Last year was eventful one for Dubber too. In 2016 Dubber staged a global expansion, opening a London office to serve as its European headquarters.

Edited by Erik Linask

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