ZOOM International Unveils Omnichannel Search Engine

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ZOOM International Unveils Omnichannel Search Engine

August 21, 2017

ZOOM International has come out with a new tool that enables contact center managers to find and analyze omnichannel interactions via a few mouse clicks. And that, the call center workforce optimization company says, helps with first contact resolution.

The company says the ZOOM Omnichannel Search Engine is 10 to 100 times faster and more scalable than traditional databases and data warehouses.

“In-house tests show that common queries on customer interaction data with a traditional database can take five or more minutes. But those exact same queries with ZOOM take just seconds,” the company says.

This is possible via connectors and APIs, and the search engine reveals customer and agent experience meta-data related to audio interactions, chat, and email.

Tools like the ZOOM Omnichannel Search Engine are becoming increasingly important as more businesses focus on differentiation via customer experience and as customer service expands beyond voice and email to include other channels like texting. According to Frost & Sullivan, by 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as a key brand differentiator.

This is just one of several recent announcements from ZOOM International. The company made news earlier this month when it announced the hiring of Bill Devlin as vice president of worldwide product management.

Devlin previously worked at Genesys/Interactive Intelligence, where he was principle product manager and led the company’s PureCloud effort. Before that he was the director of technical training and a sales engineer at AudioCodes. He has

also served as a software and systems engineer at Nortel.

He will work with the ZOOM International team and the company’s new CEO, Brian Shore. Shore, who has been with ZOOM International since 2008, recently stepped into the CEO role after company founder Simon Vostry vacated it to lead Ytica. That’s an analytics company, which is a spinoff of ZOOM International.

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