DYL Teams Up With Vertafore to Improve Agent Experience

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DYL Teams Up With Vertafore to Improve Agent Experience

August 18, 2017

For DYL, an all-in-one phone platform with sales automation, it’s all about making work as easy as possible for agents. The easier it is for agents to answer calls and find the customer information they need, the quicker the call will go and the happier the customer will be. In an attempt to further improve the call center process, DYL has taken measures to fully integrate with Vertafore, one of the most popular insurance CRMs.

 This new integration will allow insurance agents to seamlessly transfer records between their phone system and Vertafore. "Our integration with Vertafore will streamline operations for thousands of insurance agents across the country. We realize the importance of automation in the sales process---now we're bringing that automation to agency management, as well," said co-founder Matt Vandervort. 

More specifically, the “screen pop” feature will automatically load a customer’s Vertafore record when the agent answers an incoming call. This prevents the agent from having to spend time searching for the customer’s account. Instead, all customer information will be instantly shown on the agent’s computer, saving agents hours of busywork.

Additionally, DYL includes unlimited call recording and tracking with every phone plan. Under this new partnership, those call recordings will automatically sync with Vertafore customer records. Again, this will save agents hours of busywork by saving them from having to search for individual call records.

Co-founder James Angel commented on the importance of this integration and how it will help improve the call center bigger picture by saying, "By reducing the agent's busy work and increasing efficiency, this integration will allow insurance agents to focus on what they do best: write policies and provide excellent service for their customers.” 

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