Emergency Services Call Recording Goes Omnichannel

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Emergency Services Call Recording Goes Omnichannel

August 17, 2017

In an emergency situation there’s no time to dawdle. When disaster strikes things move pretty quickly, so when the public turns to emergency response teams they expect a timely response, with communications orchestrated seamlessly across channels to ensure responders can best serve the parties involved.

This week, Verint unveiled Verint Recording for Public Safety, an omnichannel recording solution more than capable of keeping up with the digital age. The call recording solutions brings voice, video, PC screens, geographic information systems (GIS), images and text together to provide comprehensive archiving, analytics and quality management – all through one platform.

Emergency responders can easily utilize the platform to perform incident reconstruction, while digging into actions and outcomes with Verint Recording for Public Safety’s analytics capabilities. Built to be in compliance with Project 25 (P25) and NG-911 i3 standard, the platform also provides security features, in addition to service footprints and streamlined databases.

The ability to record all channels in an omnichannel environment for emergency services personnel is vital, and over time this future forward solution is capable of supporting emerging channels of communication. The Verint recording architecture is quite flexible in terms of system configuration and expandability features, a perfect fit for a small town or bustling city.

“As the nature of public safety pivots from a more traditional, reactive approach to one that is more proactive and preventative, Verint is responding by delivering innovative technology solutions that help public safety organizations become more agile,” says Kristyn Emenecker, global vice president, product strategy, Verint. “We’re pleased to offer the industry our flagship technology that currently supports more than 10,000 organizations globally. The proven recording solution helps agencies address citizen demands across all channels, and is highly suited for the mission critical needs of public safety today and into the future.”

Emergency personnel gain exceptional insight through access to call recordings, not to mention analytics tied to them. Mistakes in emergencies mean the difference between life and death, so with this minute margin for error its mission critical to ensure top notch operations.

What call recording solution do you use?

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