CallMiner Speaks the Language of Business

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CallMiner Speaks the Language of Business

August 15, 2017

The language of business is data, with analytics offering actionable insight to improve operations and boost the bottom line. In the modern contact center, voice analytics and call recording are integral components to training, quality assurance, compliance and more. 

Customer engagement analytics firm CallMiner announced multi-language support to provide its speech analytics services around the world. As of today, CallMiner platforms are available in 30 different languages – including dialects – and a number of languages with full PCI-compliance, which means the redaction of sensitive information like ID numbers or addresses.

The laundry list of languages includes: English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Mandarin, Wu Chinese, Cantonese, Turkish, Thai, Swedish, Catalan, Dutch, Arabic, Russian, Polish, Norwegian, Mandarin Taiwanese, Hebrew, Hindi, Indian English, Malay, Korean and Japanese.

In listing available languages, CallMiner notes that all “certified” languages and dialects meet rigid PCI-compliant full redaction processes. CallMiner technology removes the sensitive data, while leveraging all other call data to provide data-driven insight. The Eureka platform, for instance, will combine emails, chat, social media and phone calls into a searchable form, filled with agent performance insight and customer satisfaction metrics.

“Companies must compete in a globally-connected and multilingual world, and we’re offering a wide range of languages to support our growing base of worldwide clients,” said CallMiner Founder and CTO, Jeff Gallino. “Unlike other competitive offerings, we certify languages to ensure they are adequate for use in speech analytics and include native capabilities such as PCI redaction, allowing us to deliver a global, secure speech analytics offering.”

For the contact center, not only is compliance key; it is mission critical to delivering an exceptional customer experience. In expanding capability, CallMiner is empowering the contact center with a robust set of tools to elevate customer service operations.

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Edited by Alicia Young

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