VoiceBase, Voxbone Unveil Speech Analytics Service

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VoiceBase, Voxbone Unveil Speech Analytics Service

August 10, 2017

Analytics are serving industry well. Those firms selecting the path of data-driven decision making are reaping the rewards, while the competition continues to throw ideas against the wall and hope for the best. Call recording and speech analytics play an integral role in this process, from the contact center up to the conference call you had with your team this morning – actionable insight is invaluable.

This week, VoiceBase and Voxbone announced a new partnership where customers using Voxbone communications services have pre-integrated access to the VoiceBase portfolio of services, providing easy access to a wealth of analysis. Pairing VoiceBase’s Speech Analytics with Voxbone high-quality recordings sets the duo up for exceptional results.

“The better the recording quality, the better the voice analytics,” says Walter Bachtiger, VoiceBase CEO and Founder. “Voxbone’s HD recording capabilities give VoiceBase a great foundation to deliver optimal metrics to customers. The process is so easy that users can save even more time and resources getting the analytics they need to be as effective as possible.”

Aside from being a certified PCI DSS provider, VoiceBase is also a 2017 Edison Award winner, and by Voxbone adding automated scoring, the opportunity for exponential growth is more evident. Voicebase metrics can take a conversation and paint a roadmap to avoid repeating mistakes or offering insight into how to make that next sale or upsell.

“We’re seeing voice calls play a vital role for our enterprise customers, in more ways than ever,” says Itay Rosenfeld, Voxbone CEO. “The insights provided by VoiceBase have real value to help businesses make the most out of spoken interactions through useful data. By making the process as simple as possible, Voxbone aims to give our customers the tools to have better conversations without complications.”

Data-driven decision-making is a staple in a modern business. And, in now offering a voice analytics service, Voxbone instantly upgrades the value of its communications solutions with a future-forward package capable of improving operations overall. 


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