Genesys PureCloud Exceeds Frost & Sullivan Expectations

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Genesys PureCloud Exceeds Frost & Sullivan Expectations

August 03, 2017

Benchmarks are nice; striving for a bar, hurdling over and carrying that momentum into further success. For some, this success is more difficult than others, especially in a highly competitive space like the contact center where all of a sudden every solution is “best in breed” or “industry leading.” Few can claim that as truth, and one such firm hit a rather large milestone this week.

Genesys announced this week that PureCloud now supports more than one million interactions daily. The cloud-based customer engagement and employee collaboration solution is riding the wave of momentum, with 2017 serving as a year of substantial growth – namely, a 300 percent increase in customer usage and 500 new customers over the past 12 months.

The PureCloud partner channel is providing quite a boost, with an expansion in partners by more than 40 percent, which is showing effect on the bottom line with a 72 percent gain in customers as a result.

"PureCloud is quite simply the fastest growing customer experience solution on the planet! Market traction has far exceeded industry predictions with active users climbing to the same level as our first-generation cloud solution – but in less than half the time," said Brian Bischoff, senior vice president for PureCloud by Genesys. "And, we've upped our customer success model by doubling our Care Team for global 24-hour coverage and making new deployments even faster, with an average deployment taking less than 40 days."

PureCloud received much in the way of enhancement of the last calendar year including co-browsing with new chat/screen share with voice and chat, security and compliance milestones and stronger client integrations. In two short years the contact center solution has come a long way, showcasing the power of innovation in customer engagement.

We live in an era of change, and in customer service if you’re not adapting operations to the omnichannel world in which we love, your organization is going to have a bit of an uphill climb.

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