Consulting Company Launches Quality Assurance Solution

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Consulting Company Launches Quality Assurance Solution

July 20, 2017

COPC this week launched the RevealCX quality assurance monitoring system as a commercial offering.

The customer experience management consulting company began work on the solution when a major U.S. airline asked COPC for a more efficient way to measure and improve the customer experiences it delivered.

"It had a monitoring system but for the airline to be able to change its customer experience it needed more. So we would export the data from the monitoring system, supplement it and do analysis in Excel, which was very time consuming," COPC COO Kathleen Jezierski explained.

The software-as-a-service quality assurance monitoring system, now being marketed under the name RevealCX, can effect change in quality and the customer experience at the aggregate or corporate level, Jezierski recently told CMS Wire. And, she added, it aligns the results of quality monitoring to customer satisfaction metrics.

“Following an interaction, the app asks, ‘was the customer’s issue resolved?’ The answer should be from the customer's perspective, Jezierski said, not a corporate policy perspective,” according to the report. “If it wasn’t resolved, the app asks, ‘Why not: was it because of an agent issue, or because of a policy or procedure the company decided to do?’”

If it was noted as an agent issue, that message is conveyed to someone who can address that. If not, RevealCX asks a variety of questions to figure out the cause.

Jezierski said if the issue was, for example, a problem with a refund, RevealCX can help uncover that and unearth the fact that several customers are dissatisfied with the refund policy. That way the company both becomes aware of the problem and can elect to change the policy to better meet the needs of its customers and its own organization.

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