TelStrat and Peak UpTime Partner for Improved Call Recording

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TelStrat and Peak UpTime Partner for Improved Call Recording

December 07, 2016

Call recording is a critical feature of any successful contact center, no matter how big the organization is. This feature makes running contact centers easier because agents can go back to the call recordings if there is a misunderstanding with a customer, and they can also be used for training purposes. Therefore, contact centers without comprehensive call recording solutions fall behind, and can even face legal issues.

That’s why Peak UpTime and TelStrat International, Ltd. have announced their new partnership. By coming together, the two companies will provide call recording and workforce optimization solutions through Peak Up Time’s Cloud Managed Services known as Peak Elevate.

TelStrat is bringing its Engage WFO SaaS to the partnership. The offering is a complete software solution for customer call recording and workforce optimization in contact centers. Engage WFO SaaS provides tools for service quality assurance, agent performance improvement and workforce management, along with analytics and reporting. The solution’s main purpose is to improve customer experience and satisfaction—which is ultimately to goal of all contact centers—while simultaneously keeping costs down and increasing productivity.

Engage WFO SaaS is applicable to contact centers of practically all sizes because it supports 100 tenants per system and is also available in multiple deployment options. Meanwhile, there are several software license options to choose from, which provides the flexibility to meet multiple provider needs. Peak UpTime’s technology-agnostic cloud platform will also benefit from the fact that Engage WFO SaaS is integrated with all major telephony platforms—another win for contact centers.

TelStrat chose to go with Peak UpTime because Peak places an emphasis on utilizing IT technology to help people do their jobs more efficiently, thus making the business more productive as a whole. This is directly in line with the purpose of Engage WFO SaaS, so the partnership is a natural fit.

“We are extremely pleased that Peak UpTime is adding our award-winning Engage WFO solution to their impressive portfolio of cloud managed services,” said Mike Berlin, Sr. VP Global Sales and Business Development for TelStrat. “As a channel-centric organization, TelStrat’s focus is helping partners succeed, and we pride ourselves on our flexibility, responsiveness, and innovation. We look forward to working with Peak to meet customers’ needs for compliance recording and customer contact center workforce optimization.”

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