Knowlarity Gains $20 Million Funding Round

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Knowlarity Gains $20 Million Funding Round

December 01, 2016

Asian telecommunications service provider Knowlarity recently announced that it has received approximately $20 million in funding from new and existing investors.

The investment group leading this round, Delta Partners Capital, is expected to help the telecom expand on an international level throughout the regions of Southeast and West Asia. Existing investors Sequoia Capital India and Mayfield Fund assisted Delta to help bring the total round of funding past what Knowlarity had received back in 2014 – only $16 million.

Series A funding for Knowlarity came at the opening of 2012 when Sequioa brought about $6.5 million to the table. Sequioa then partnered with Mayfield for a Series B round that pushed the total to $16 million.

At the time of Series B, Knowlarity reportedly wanted to increase its annual revenue to more than $10 million. The company has done well and has begun to consider expansion both through product development and competition acquisition.

SuperReceptionist and SmartIVR from Knowlarity are among the primary applications the company offers. SuperReceptionist acts as a call center than can process up to one million calls per hour. It comes equipped with a virtual assistant and a customer relationship management system. SmartIVR addresses small businesses by helping them easily route calls to multiple departments; it comes with call recording capabilities like capturing dialed digits and recording a customer’s voice before transferring individuals to the proper departments.

The TMC feature addressing those two applications (see the link above), also mentions that the telecom has built redundancy and backup features into its products. This means these cloud-based applications can work as expected with near-100 percent uptime. Businesses should not be afraid to jump to the cloud because of fears regarding reliability.

Knowlarity appears to have a clear path for success. It knows the market it wants to serve, and it has financial backers that believe in its products. Money arrives on a consistent basis, both from backers and product subscriptions. The next big step may be in acquisitions and, if things continue to go well, the next report on TMC will show an even higher dollar total on the headline.

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