UCedge Adds Call Recording and Other Features

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UCedge Adds Call Recording and Other Features

December 01, 2016

Communications today means comprehensive integration with voice, audio and data so users can interact with features that brings everyone together without having to worry about device, location or system. Toshiba's UCedge has been incorporating new features as technologies became available to its platform to deliver on the promise of seamless communications. The latest additions will include call recording integration, softphone trial license, group instant messaging, cloud sync and more.

Toshiba America Information Systems' telecommunication systems division announced the updates to the UCedge unified communications application will allow organization to bring together their workforce on their mobile or desktop/laptop devices as their business telephones. With just one phone number, employees can send their office extensions as the Caller ID whether they are in the office or not. The app is compatible with all the major OSs, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS mobile and computing devices.

The call recording feature uses Oak Call Recorder to start, stop, forward and bookmark calls using the Toshiba UCedge application running on the compatible operating systems. With this option, businesses can address regulatory compliances and monitor all incoming and outgoing calls even when a smartphone is being used outside of the office.

"Our new UCedge release 2.6 adds key enhancements that greatly improve group IM usability and mobile access to advanced system applications including OAK call recording," said Mark Carpenter, vice president of Technology and Product Management for Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., Telecommunication Systems Division.

The group IM improvements were based on customer feedback, and Toshiba implemented several recommendations, including group view so multiple users can simultaneously show and scroll the contacts in each group, initiating group IM broadcast by tapping the name of the group, and showing group IM participants to see who is present.

The Softphone Trial License, which is part of the new UCedge, will let users try many of the unified communications benefits of this platform, including using mobile devices as office extensions so they can make and receive calls using corporate Wi-Fi connection to save costs.

All of these features come together with cloud synchronization across all registered devices so notes, voice mail setting, contact view and more can be accessed without having to re-enter new settings when users change devices.

Toshiba's UCedge is a proven platform used by global enterprises around the world as a complete unified communications solution. The new call recording and synchronization features for mobile, tablets and PCs will make it available to a workforce that increasingly relies on accessibility to company resources when they are not in the office. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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