CallCabinet, Contineo Partner on Call Recording

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CallCabinet, Contineo Partner on Call Recording

November 30, 2016

The value of call recording has long been established. It's a powerful tool; so powerful, in fact, that there are laws around its use both in requirement and forbiddance. There's a new option in call recording recently released, as Contineo Virtual Communications is set to deliver CallCabinet's line of solutions to the channel. The end result is a system with great ease of use, lots of options, and even better compliance with certain regulations.

Essentially, the arrangement allows Contineo—already well-known when it comes to cloud-based services—to bring in CallCabinet's Atmos system.  Contineo, as noted by director Laurent Pieton, had been offering a call recording solution of its own previously, but noted that CallCabinet's offering had a lot to like to it.

Specifically, CallCabinet offered flexibility and scalable management, as well as compliance with certain legal requirements, which actually made it better than what Contineo had been offering previously. Since storing the recordings can be a particular challenge, Atmos' use of cloud technology helps here as well. Top it all off with a highly-affordable price point for entry and it became clear Contineo wanted to offer this system to its own lineup. It's even doing well in fairly large-scale environments; Contineo reports that initial setup and deployment with live sites up to 200 seats strong are currently active, and bringing the tool into play is a comparative breeze, taking only a matter of minutes to set up via the cloud.

There really is a lot to like about the CallCabinet system, and it's not too surprising that Contineo saw as much for itself. By offering a superior system, Contineo improves the odds that its customer base will buy from it instead of one of the many alternatives in the field, and there are no shortages of such alternatives around. This is also a major benefit for CallCabinet, as CallCabinet gets access to the Contineo customer base, one that's already established and used to working with Contineo. That improved level of trust helps make things much smoother, and will probably garner extra sales for CallCabinet that may not have been had otherwise, especially among those not familiar with CallCabinet but more familiar with Contineo.

It's a win-win situation, and those are hard to turn down in any case. A better offering provided to a receptive customer base means success on all sides, and a deal that both companies are likely glad they made.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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