VirtualPBX's Dash System Gets Call Recording Capability

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VirtualPBX's Dash System Gets Call Recording Capability

November 23, 2016

Like with most technologies, business telephone systems seem to be getting constant upgrades. What started off as a way to communicate with other businesses and customers through a simple phone call has been transformed into so much more than that. Now, business phone systems have a variety of features, including call recording, call parking, SIP forking, and so on. What’s important for companies to note, though, is that if a competitor makes an upgrade, your company needs to do the same in order to stay relevant.

VirtualPBX is no stranger to this game, and is acting accordingly to stay on track with its competition. The company has had a successful Dash business telephone system for years, but now it’s receiving an upgrade. VirtualPBX has chosen to add an inbound call recording feature to its offering, which allows users to record any inbound call.

The new feature is being introduced in a beta program this week, which will allow any Dash customer to use the new capability and offer feedback, thus contributing to the final product that is due in early Q1.

“VoIP users come from all industries, many of which have a strong need to record and archive telephone conversations,” said Lon Baker, VirtualPBX's COO. “Now, with Dash, they can do just that.”

This move is less revolutionary and more about keeping up with other companies. Call recording features on a hosted telephone network is far from a new concept. Now, this capability that so many people depend on for work is available on the popular Dash system.

One thing that had customers worried at first was that Dash’s quality would be affected by the new feature. Technology is great in that it makes life and work easier, but there’s nothing quite as annoying as when it doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. Luckily for users, integrating the new feature proved to go well, and now users can choose to implement the capability, at no extra cost, if they choose to do so.

Business phone systems are just another piece of technology that seem to be ever-changing and improving. VirtualPBX customers are now part of the group of people who have call recording capabilities on their phone, which, I’m sure, will make work much easier for them. However, convenient as call recording is, users need to keep in mind the rules that go along with it. As long as employees inform callers that they may be recorded, they can go about using the capability to make calls easier for everyone.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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