Eastern DataComm Partners With Xima Software to Provide its Call Technology

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Eastern DataComm Partners With Xima Software to Provide its Call Technology

November 23, 2016

The call technology of today has to address many of the devices and channels in which people communicate in the digital environment. Users can call on their smartphones with a wireless carrier, OTT, VoIP, WebRTC and a regular landline phone. Being able to capture all of these conversations is essential for organizations that have to meet regulatory compliances. Eastern DataComm, an end-to-end IT solutions provider, just announced it has entered into a partnership with Xima Software and its Chronicall platform so it can offer its customers advanced call history, displays and reporting for its ShorTel customers.

As an official ShoreTel partner, the solution Xima Software provides to Eastern DataComm will be integrated without compatibility issues and ready out of the box for its customers.

Chronicall connects directly to phone systems and logs everything that takes place during the entirety of the call. It has an easy to use interface with an all-purpose call history, call recording and real-time views of user statistics.

“Becoming a Xima Software partner is great benefit for our ShoreTel customersTheir feature-rich call reporting and dashboards provide our clients increased intelligence on how their call center is performing. We only partner with companies that fit our best-in-class methodology and we are excited to offer this solution to the businesses that we work with,” said Al Harnisch, President at Eastern DataComm.

Chronicall can generate standard and custom reports with the more than 50 reports, charts, and graphs Xima has created so they can be archived in its recording library. The library automatically catalogs recorded calls and makes them readily available so they can be used for an audit by compliance regulators, training purposes and customer experience improvements.

All of this information can be accessed using agent dashboards, which is a solution that brings real-time data on the desktop for a simplified way to access the data and see the status of other users.

Eastern DataComm has delivered solutions to more than 1,000 small-to-medium businesses, school districts and libraries in New Jersey and the New York Metro area, many of whom have to abide by regulatory compliances regarding call recordings. The partnership with Xima Software gives the company another value added service it can sell as part of its portfolio of products. 

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