InContact Awards Fluent for Innovative Contact Center

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InContact Awards Fluent for Innovative Contact Center

November 22, 2016

InContact, a developer of cloud-based software that handles contact center responsibilities and workforce optimization, conducts its Mojo Awards each year to honor fellow companies that reach “above and beyond” to make customer experiences great.

Fluent, which creates its Home automation suite and security hardware, has grabbed this year’s Best Customer Experience award for its innovative use of an application programming interface (API) that automated the attachment of call recordings to customer relationship management (CRM) data stores.

In short, Fluent has moved beyond its initial dispersion of home control panels for security cameras and Web-connected devices. It allows its customers to purchase the products they need, and then it backs those sales with customer service that is helpful no matter the topic.

We still live in a time where we spend a large portion of life on hold, waiting for the queue to clear to voice complaints or troubleshoot product issues. It is then unsurprising that a significant number of complaints about call centers stem from callers’ experiences of waiting on hold. Not only is the abatement of waiting desirable, it is possible through practices such as the use of callback systems.

Fluent has emerged as a company willing to make necessary upgrades to its contact center to better serve its customers. It first needs to make high-quality products, but then it must back those products with soft skills, such as agent empathy and product knowledge, alongside technological advancements like the linking of call recordings to existing customer data.

Fluent’s use of the API has impressed judges for its innovation – that is what won the Best Customer Experience award. Yet it is more than just a mechanism that gains recognition; it is a system that can actually help make customer service experiences better for the end user. Agents in Fluent call centers can get a holistic look at every individual that calls with an issue, whether they want to purchase a new device or fix a bug. The customer is all that matters, and Fluent looks to treat them with the respect they command and deserve.

Edited by Alicia Young

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