Vox Rolls Out Vobi to Make New Value in Telephony

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Vox Rolls Out Vobi to Make New Value in Telephony

November 11, 2016

Telephony options have been on the rise in recent years as businesses—and even some consumers—discover the value on hand in using Internet connections to make and receive phone calls, particularly when the issue of toll calling distances comes up. Telephony's ease of use with call recording options is likewise a draw, and that makes Vox's recent launch of the Vobi softphone all the more worthwhile.

Vobi offers many of the standard softphone features, like the ability to make and receive calls from the Vox Telecom network rather than via a standard mobile network. That allows costs to be kept down and more services to be brought into play. Available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store, the app offers hold functions, transfer options, call joining, and perhaps best of all, a built-in recording option.

That's a good set of features, but things improve from here; there are two different use plans here that allow users to pick the one that best conforms to needs on the ground. One package offers a monthly fee and a flat per-minute rate, complete with low international calling costs, while another one offers a much higher monthly rate, but uncapped services, which is great for those who need higher call volumes. Users can also get access to lower rates on voice and video calling, integration with address books, and support for a variety of Bluetooth headsets.

Vox's executive head of communication solutions, Henda Edwardes, commented, “For businesses in particular, traffic is moving off of PBXs and onto mobile handsets and mobile penetration is reflecting this shift. In order to remain relevant we have to follow the traffic, and ensure that we pick it up where it terminates. It is this shift and the ability to find more cost effective alternatives that prompted us to develop Vobi.”

The Vobi system offers not only plenty of choice for its users, but also an array of options. Call recording may be one of the most powerful of these options, but it's far from alone in the package. By offering all these tools up at once and even supplying a variety of options for using the system, Vox has made Vobi an impressive new option for those looking to cut costs and still get the most out of a system. Call recording offers a string of options, and is actually so powerful a tool it has regulations around its use, but those who use call recording correctly get a lot of advantages that wouldn't be had without it, and Vox has made it just a part of a larger package with Vobi.

Attractive prices and several features make Vobi a good idea, and that combination will likely draw its share of interested users.

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