AA Ireland Chooses Sabio for Contact Center Refresh

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AA Ireland Chooses Sabio for Contact Center Refresh

November 09, 2016

Making sure that your company has the best possible technology available is important for any business. However, when it comes to insurance, this requirement is even more important. AA Ireland, the breakdown, motor, home and travel insurance specialist, is realizing that fact and acting accordingly. The company has chosen Sabio, a customer contact technology specialist, to manage and implement a major infrastructure refresh for its Dublin city center contact center.

AA Ireland has 225,000 insurance and 300,000 breakdown cover service customers. Therefore, it is imperative that the company has a best practice contact center in place so that workers can help people as quickly and efficiently as possible. That’s why it has implemented its “Unify” refresh project to replace its previous generation contact center systems with a more flexible, future-proof infrastructure that is based on Avaya, Verint and RMG technologies. The system will be operated by Sabio under a manage service agreement.

“While our existing contact centre systems were functional, they were proving both expensive to operate and limiting in terms of supporting AA Ireland’s expanding business operations. Working with Sabio we have been able to invest in a next generation customer engagement platform, combining award-winning technologies from industry leading suppliers such as Avaya, Verint and RMG – that will support our next generation of growth while also realising significant operational savings,” commented Brian Mullan, AA Ireland’s IT Director.

Specifically, the new contact center will be based on an advanced Avaya Aura Communications Manager platform and an Avaya Call Management System. Additionally, Sabio will deploy its Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) capability to provide AA Ireland with extra visibility into its end-to-end contact center technology platform.

To go along with this end-to-end solution, Sabio will deploy Verint’s Call Recording, Quality Monitoring, Screen Recording and Workforce Management capabilities, along with PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance to help protect against potential card fraud.

In terms of RMG involvement, Sabio will install intelligent displays from RMG Networks to give the company up-to-the-minute customer contact performance information. As part of the solution, Sabio has also worked with AA Ireland to put a comprehensive contact center Disaster Recovery approach in place that will protect the company against potential customer engagement disruptions.

Clearly, AA Ireland chose Sabio because it has a lot to offer. Aside from the technologies being provided, though, Sabio is also making the transition easy for the company. It was important to AA Ireland that its customers not experience any disruption due to the change, and Sabio is providing that and more. Mullan stated, “Sabio was able to help us build a strong business case for our infrastructure upgrade with a demonstrable ROI, introduce significant new developments such as supporting the blending of our inbound/outbound activities, and providing a platform for homeworking, and also successfully managed the transition to our new solution so that our customers weren’t ever aware that a change was taking place.”

Mullan is pleased with the changes taking place, and has confidence that Sabio will help make AA Ireland a better, more effective resource for its customers: “Combining the latest solutions we’ve been able to deliver an infrastructure that will help AA Ireland deliver even greater customer service while also reducing their overall contact centre operational costs. And, thanks to Sabio’s support offering and innovative MaaS Monitoring-as-a-Service capability, we’ll be working to ensure that AA Ireland’s customer contact infrastructure continues to perform optimally.”

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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