NewVoiceMedia Releases Winter 2017 ContactWorld Update

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NewVoiceMedia Releases Winter 2017 ContactWorld Update

November 07, 2016

NewVoiceMedia, a developer of sales and contact center software for enterprises, announced this week the release of its Winter 2017 release of product enhancements for the flagship ContactWorld application.

ContactWorld has dedicated sections – its Sales and Service delineation – that of course address the actions employees must take within those roles. The Winter updates addressed here reach into the core of ContactWorld to allow both sales and service teams to better perform their daily tasks. It means to help companies scale their operations, assist teams with their responsibilities, allow individual users to customize their workspaces, and assist IT administrators with integrating the NewVoiceMedia software into third-party products such as those for workforce optimization.

Jonathan Gale, the CEO of NewVoiceMedia, also commented on how this release will integrate ContactWorld with the Salesforce customer relationship manager to a greater degree.

“Innovation and speed-to-market of new features is essential for fast growing companies, and we are committed to investing in the development of our inside sales and contact center technology,” Gale began.

“The product enhancements introduced in our Winter release will further strengthen our integration with Salesforce, improve the user experience for our customers, and help them turn insights into action to ensure every conversation is unique and personalized,” he continued.

NewVoiceMedia’s addressing of large companies shows that Gale and company know of the hardship that handling IT tasks can take. Enterprises may begin to focus on the queue announcements and music in their automated voice response (IVR) systems, which can adapt to individual customers’ needs, instead of paying attention to the live service between customer and agent. ContactWorld has now included features that highlight individual accounts and allow for easy changes to IVR-based tasks without detracting from the live interactions at hand.

The new updates address the efficiency of teams by improving its call routing capabilities and making it easier for users to automatically record their interactions with customers.

Individual contact center agents will now also experience the new Lighting Edition User Interface. Meanwhile, managers can better handle peak calling periods with the Dynamic Overflow Routing feature that manages shift changes and call routing according to agent availability across multiple sites.

Lastly, ContactWorld has also been released with the new API Gateway that gives developers tools to connect their various applications. Developers can use the API calls to attach workforce optimization or call routing software they use for those specific tasks. The API can also make itself useful when companies wish to develop their own in-house software that controls daily tasks unique to their location or market.

Edited by Alicia Young

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