MiaRec to Introduce New Functionality at BroadSoft Connections 2016

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MiaRec to Introduce New Functionality at BroadSoft Connections 2016

November 07, 2016

MiaRec, a global provider of call recording and interaction management solutions offers call recording, screen capture and contact center solutions for service providers and enterprise customers. Most recently, MiaRec has come out with new features for its solutions that are designed specifically for service providers using the BroadSoft Business BroadWorks call control platform. So it should come as no surprise that the company is planning on exhibiting the companny BroadSoft Connections 2016 event.

The event is in its fourteenth year, and is known for bringing together innovators and experts to help attendees gain valuable knowledge and hands-on experience in order to help them use, sell and deploy cloud unified communications This is the perfect space for MiaRec to showcase its products, since the company provides carrier-grade multi-tenant call recording and communications management solutions for service providers that want to offer high-end call recording, screen capture and performance management services to their customers.

MiaRec is looking forward to the event, and hopes to make the most of the opportunity. “BroadSoft Connections conference is an invaluable opportunity for MiaRec to reconnect with our existing customers and showcase the new features of the MiaRec platform” said Gennady Bezko, CEO of MiaRec. “We see the great demand for cloud telecommunication and contact center services and are looking forward to demonstrat[ing] how MiaRec can meet the growing needs of the telecom market by providing the most reliable, cost-effective and fully-featured call recording and interaction management solutions.”

The company has an opportunity to set itself apart from the crowd here by showing that it offers comprehensive solutions that focus on meeting the growing demands of the market. At BroadSoft Connections 2016, MiaRec hopes to impress attendees by showing off its new product functionality, including Single Sign On (SSO) authentication support, using SAML 2.0 protocol. SSO authentication support is important to businesses because it is used to enhance user experience and deliver smooth integration of the MiaRec platform into service providers' infrastructure. Meanwhile, screen capture and advanced reporting functionalities will also be demonstrated, but as parts of the complete interaction management product portfolio of MiaRec.

BroadSoft is also looking forward to MiaRec’s involvement in the event. “MiaRec is united with BroadSoft in driving successful and innovative BroadSoft Business mobile unified communications, team collaboration and contact center solutions,” said Taher Behbehani, chief digital and marketing officer, BroadSoft. “We are thrilled that MiaRec has chosen to make this announcement at Connections, and to join us as we collectively change the game by transforming the market.”    

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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