Call Recording Week in Review: TeleWare, TelStrat

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Call Recording Week in Review: TeleWare, TelStrat

November 05, 2016

Welcome to the latest version of Call Recording Week in Review where we highlight all the biggest headlines from this past week in the Call Recording space.

This week, TelStrat, a developer of call recording and WFO solutions, announced a new Engage WFO SaaS offering. The subscription-based managed service integrates with customers’ existing premises-based UC platforms and UCaaS solutions and offers secure call recording and WFO services that are both quick and easy to deploy worldwide.

The offering is aimed at organizations who desire cloud applications and don’t have access to them; the offering is a DOD-grade redundant solution that has received SOC 2 certification to meet the need.

Also this week, TeleWare announced that its fixed call recording offering has found success with Microsoft Azure.

The company has now successfully migrated its TeleWare Hosted Service fixed-line call recording functions completely onto Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and data centers.

“Migrating onto the cloud will enable TeleWare to offer a service to customers which is scalable and will flex with their demands on a minute-by-minute basis. It also gives us the ability to leverage the full potential of the cloud. Above and beyond flexibility and other cloud benefits, both TeleWare and our customers will be able to take advantage of tools such as machine learning, Power BI, Streaming Analytics and, of course, our customer experience analytics,” said Rob Corrigill, CTO at TeleWare.

Even with all of the successes being had, there are many companies that are apprehensive about moving forward with UC and the digital transformation.

The reason most business are still late to the party is because they are, “hampered by weak infrastructure and a lack of testing ability.” That’s what the results of a new survey from IR, a provider of experience management solutions for UC and contact centers, is saying.

Finally, a report from TMC’s Laura Stotler this week looks at the tricky business behind trying to meet PCI DSS requirements while still recording calls.

“Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards are perhaps some of the trickiest to navigate when it comes to call recording and call centers. Most payment card companies follow the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS), established in 2006 to provide rules and guidance for merchants and service providers that accept credit and debit card payments. PCI DSS is meant to protect consumers from malicious behavior and misuse of their personal and credit card information, but when call recording is factored in, things get murky,” Stotler writes.

That’s all for this week. Be sure to check back for all the latest in Call Recording news as it happens. Until next week…

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