TelStrat Puts Customers First with Engage WFO SaaS

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TelStrat Puts Customers First with Engage WFO SaaS

November 02, 2016

TelStrat, a developer of comprehensive call recording and workforce optimization (WFO) solutions, recently announced its new Engage WFO SaaS (Software as a Service). Engage WFO SaaS is a subscription-based managed service, hosted by TelStrat or its provider partners, that integrates with customers’ existing premise UC platforms of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions. The solution is meant to offer reliable and secure call recording and WFO services with quick and easy deployment worldwide.

Engage WFO SaaS is the next generation of TelStrat’s cloud-based call recording and workforce optimization solutions. The company found such success with its older Engage Cloud that it decided to further its offerings. Engage Cloud was originally designed in response to a growing market demand from service providers that needed to include robust call recording and workforce optimization in their managed service offerings. The creation of Engage Cloud in response to this need showed how important customers are to TelStrat, and the company is demonstrating this again by launching the Engage WFO SaaS.

While the Engage Cloud met one particular need in the market, Engage WFO SaaS is designed to meet another. TelStrat noticed that many organizations desire cloud applications, but often don’t have access to them because their resellers don’t have the resources to offer managed services themselves. This cuts several companies off from cloud applications, resulting in countless missed opportunities to better themselves and their offerings. Engage WFO SaaS meets this demand because it is a DOD-grade redundant solution which has received SOC 2 certification.

According to the announcement, “TelStrat is offering Engage WFO SaaS as a multi-tenant managed service in its own data center or in provider partner data centers, available from registered partners for their customers that desire superior call recording, quality management, and workforce management with the cost efficiency and flexibility of a cloud subscription service.” Clearly, TelStrat is determined to make this solution as easily accessible as possible.

Companies are already benefiting from Engage WFO SaaS and its easy availability. One of the newest partners, BITS, to get on board with Engage WFO SaaS couldn’t be happier with the results . “BITS has seen a growing demand for cloud applications from our customers. TelStrat’s Engage WFO SaaS solution provides valued-added capabilities to our portfolio,” commented Jerald Murphy, BITS CEO. “We’re pleased to offer the SOC 2-compliant service for secure call recording to our financial customers to assist them in meeting regulatory requirements.”

Changing market conditions increase the demand for cloud services every day. If TelStrat continues to put customers first and listen to what they have to say, it’s bound to continue finding success with each of its solutions.

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