Call Attribution Becoming a Valuable Marketing Tool

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Call Attribution Becoming a Valuable Marketing Tool

October 27, 2016

One of the greatest technology benefits to the marketing industry in recent years has been call attribution, the ability to connect millions of phone calls to their origins and sources. The practice of call attribution is now expanding, creating massive potential for marketers as they drive down deeper into calls to analyze, classify and validate quality and potential.

Call recording solutions offer an ideal way to attribute and analyze phone calls at a granular level. Call duration is one of the most basic factors for determining the quality of a call, with calls that reach a specific duration typically classified as solid leads that may be used for a sales conversion. While call duration is commonly used in a number of industries and particularly for affiliate marketing, it does have some drawbacks. For instance, filtering calls based on duration does not provide insights into the intent of the caller or actual call quality.

Fortunately, call recording solutions offer a number of additional variables that can help better determine overall call quality. IVRs enable a wealth of information about customer needs and choices, and should be easily managed and controlled by marketers. By tailoring prompts and questions toward specific goals, marketers can also route qualified callers to the appropriate departments more efficiently, translating to better leads and conversions.

Keyword spotting is one of the most obvious benefits of call recording. This involves recording and transcribing calls so they may be searched and analyzed for specific words. Calls may then be more easily categorized and converted to actual sales. One of the drawbacks of this process is having to sift through potentially thousands of calls, many of which provide little or no value. Businesses also need to decide which keywords will be valuable, another difficult task but one that can be very rewarding in the long run.

Finally, automatic call categorization is another way marketing teams are gleaning more value from call recording and attribution. Machine-learning technology and statistical model building are used in this process to automatically group calls based on a number of different parameters. Categories may then be used to improve customer engagement and offer a more personalized customer experience tailored to specific needs.

Call attribution is becoming a marketing tool to be reckoned with, and technology solutions like call recording are helping it achieve widespread adoption. By analyzing, managing and organizing calls based on specific data, marketers can glean major value and conversions from call data and metrics.

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