CSI Virtual Observer Completes Compliance Testing With Avaya IP Office

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CSI Virtual Observer Completes Compliance Testing With Avaya IP Office

October 26, 2016

Coordinated Systems, Inc. (CSI), a developer of workforce optimization software, benefits from having its own product work well with the world’s prominent unified communications (UC) systems. One such provider of UC voice, email, and instant messaging service for desktop and mobile phones, Avaya, has now reached version 10 with its flagship, IP Office, and has now completed compliance testing with CSI Virtual Observer, the primary offering from the other side of this coin.

CSI believes it has spotted a pattern in the communications market as it pertains to small and midsize businesses. Specifically, said CSI Vice President of Product Development Dan McGrail, his company saw a widespread interest in IP Office and soon expected that a pairing between these two companies could significantly benefit them and their joint customers.

“We analyzed where the market is headed and identified a trend of IP Office adoption,” McGrail said. “We’re giving the contact center space what they want – a fully capable and affordable enterprise workforce optimization solution which works in the mid-market and [small and medium-size business] centers as well.”

McGrail exclaimed his confidence in this partnership as first riding on the hard work of his own company. He mentioned CSI’s size, which allows it to use the best workforce optimization and call recording features on the market, and said CSI’s years of experience as a software provider places in a position to ensure “unrivaled customer success.”

Virtual Observer begins this mission of providing success in business operations by bringing to the table its call recording, playback, and advanced search features. It also offers monitoring capabilities such as employee evaluation and screen capture alongside measurement of key performance indicators that can be tracked over time.

Avaya has seen its own success in the mid-market with IP Office. CSI, meanwhile, has partnered with influential customer service brands. Customers new to either one of these companies can now appreciate Avaya’s new API features in IP Office that allow for the capture of metadata and support for all types of user phones. Thorough integration of the two companies’ products will also arrive in conferencing, call holding, and call transferring that both systems can recognize and manage.

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