CallRail's New Conversation Intelligence System Improves Lead Qualification

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CallRail's New Conversation Intelligence System Improves Lead Qualification

October 19, 2016

Salespeople want leads. Sales has long been a numbers game, and in order to have the numbers to win, it requires a slate of leads to follow up on. CallRail has heard the cries of lead-starved sales reps and brought out its new Conversation Intelligence system which helps provide automatic qualification of phone call leads, and even offers extras to help smooth the way in phone sales.

With Conversation Intelligence, users get access to call visualizations that help provide additional information about the calls taking place, and in the process, give sales and marketing operations alike the chance to better see how inbound calls proceed through the system to become, ultimately, sales. Inbound calls turn into appointments, appointments become opportunities, and opportunities ultimately become sales, though not always in the ratios in which sales operations would like to see them.

Developed on the bedrock of analysis of hundreds of thousands of calls, and backed up by machine learning methods, Conversation Intelligence can actually understand right at the outset if a call has much likelihood of becoming a sale. While it's not always accurate, and things can happen in the middle of a process to change a mind, just having an idea of who's most likely to mean a sale gives sales reps the best place to start selling. Marketing reps, meanwhile, learn more about who's responding to promotional efforts and where things need to be changed accordingly.

CallRail CEO and co-founder Andy Powell commented, “Since CallRail's inception, we have been dedicated to making the most powerful call tracking technology available to every business. By integrating Conversation Intelligence into CallRail's base offering, we're taking the next step by enhancing the call analytics our customers need for smarter marketing decisions.”

Sales can be a difficult enough job as it is, and it's even worse trying to go in cold. Without properly qualified leads, companies might as well just hand over a copy of the White Pages and tell the sales reps that that's the new list. Moreover, companies must pre-vet lists thanks to the steadily growing federal do-not-call list, which not only cuts a lot of potential targets out of the equation but also promises stiff fines and public loss of face for those who don't comply. Having a vetted list of call targets, however, can make for a much better experience for all involved. The sales reps do better, and thus waste less time, which means less time paid for that isn't productive time. That's a great list of benefits, and it's all available to those who put Conversation Intelligence to work.

It may not work that well every time, but CallRail's Conversation Intelligence system offers a great way to get the most out of incoming calls by finding who's really interested and who's just gathering prices. 

Edited by Alicia Young

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