TelStrat Launches Engage WFO SaaS

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TelStrat Launches Engage WFO SaaS

October 19, 2016

TelStrat, a provider of compliance call recording and contact center workforce optimization solutions, announced this week the launch of its new Engage WFO SaaS (Software as a Service). Engage WFO SaaS is a subscription-based managed service, hosted by TelStrat or its provider partners. What’s ideal about the solution is that it integrates with customers’ existing premise UC platforms or Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions.

The purpose of Engage WFO SaaS is to offer reliable and safe call recording and WFO services with quick and easy deployment. It is the next generation of TelStrat’s cloud-based call recording and workforce optimization solutions. The inspiration for Engage WFO SaaS comes from several needs in the market that TelStrat has observed over the years.

One such need that the solution endeavors to fix is the growing market demand from service providers who want to include robust call recording and workforce optimization in their managed service offerings. According to TelStrat, there is a big market for a solution that can meet the needs of these service providers, which is where Engage WFO SaaS comes in. The solution has been deployed globally by hosted providers serving thousands of users across the globe, so clearly TelStrat was right in their observations.

Another previously unmet demand Engage WFO SaaS looks to meet is the fact that several organizations want to use cloud applications, but their resellers often don’t have the resources to offer managed services themselves. The cloud is an up and coming market, and it’s in most company’s best interest to get on board. If businesses use resellers who can’t provide them with cloud applications, though, then they’re at a disadvantage.

Engage WFO SaaS looks to solve this problem for these companies because it is a DOD-grade redundant solution which has received SOC 2 certification. So, according to Telecom Reseller, “TelStrat is offering Engage WFO SaaS as a multi-tenant managed service in its own data center or in provider partner data centers, available from registered partners for their customers that desire superior call recording, quality management, and workforce management with the cost efficiency and flexibility of a cloud subscription service.”

The creation of Engage WFO SaaS reflects TelStrat’s overall dedication to customers because, clearly, the company pays close attention to what is needed in the industry. “TelStrat has a history of innovation, fueled by passion, integrity and an unrivaled commitment to listen and respond to our customers’ and partners’ needs,” stated Bob Carroll, TelStrat founder and CEO. “Offering our award-winning Engage WFO solution in a SaaS model provides unlimited flexibility to meet needs of enterprise end-user customers, hosted service providers, and reseller partners.”

Speaking of partners, there are plenty of companies onboard with Engage WFO SaaS. Business Information Technology Solutions (BITS), Inc. is one of the newest companies to embrace the service, with CEO Jerald Murphy saying, “BITS has seen a growing demand for cloud applications from our customers.  TelStrat’s Engage WFO SaaS solution provides valued-added capabilities to our portfolio.” He continued, “We’re pleased to offer the SOC 2-compliant service for secure call recording to our financial customers to assist them in meeting regulatory requirements.”

Overall, Engage WFO SaaS calls to companies that want to opt for cloud services, but with minimized effort and expenses when it comes to deploying and maintaining critical business applications. This particular solution is a cloud service alternative for those with on-premise call recording systems that don’t want to deal with complex and expensive upgrades. Through listening to the needs of the market and customers, TelStrat has created a capable, reliable solution.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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