Dubber Brings Call Recording to Simetric Telecom

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Dubber Brings Call Recording to Simetric Telecom

October 10, 2016

Dubber, an ASX-listed cloud call recording platform, announced today that is has come to an agreement with Simetric Telecom. Simetric Telecom’s goal is to provide innovative unified telecoms services that solves the disconnect between fixed and mobile telecom. Dubber works to deliver improved call recording, management and access services. By coming together, the companies hope to offer the best possible services to their customers.

With the agreement in place, Dubber’s call recording service will be enabled as an additional feature in Simetric’s Mobile-X solution. The purpose of this pairing is to meet the marketing demand for mobile call recording on domestic and international roaming services.

According to John Murray, director, Simetric Telecom, “There has always been a demand for this unified solution, whereby calls can be recorded across multiple devices and across international boundaries and, together with Dubber, we can now provide it.”

Essentially, this means that end user customers will have access to an advanced communications solution that has the ability to record, capture and access their calls anywhere in the world. Not only can customers be anywhere in the world, but they can also be using any device, and it won’t make a difference. This pairing is all about convenience for the customer.

Both companies’ goals and solutions line up well, making this agreement completely logical. According to Murray, the Dubber platform and Saas model fit perfectly with Simetric’s technologies:

“We found it was the only viable option for deploying call recording to our users, as the capabilities and end user options surpass anything else in the market. We can now deliver a seamless integration of unified communications and call recording into both fixed and mobile services…Dubber’s Playback service changes the face of mobile telephony in our view. It is the type of feature that highlights the value of our UC strategy and opens up significant opportunities to engage with all users in every market segment.”

The enthusiasm for this agreement stretches to Dubber’s side as well. Steve McGovern, chief executive, Dubber, expressed the need for Simetric’s product by saying that a solution “whereby a user can have their existing mobile number as a single point of contact across fixed and mobile networks meets a universally growing requirement.”

He continued, “There is already a strong demand in verticals such as banking and financial services for native mobile recording, especially with regards to roaming calls. Dubber is looking forward to working with Simetric to meet these market requirements.”

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