Voiptime Cloud Predictive Dialer Facilitates Debt Collection

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Voiptime Cloud Predictive Dialer Facilitates Debt Collection

October 06, 2016

If we’re being perfectly honest, no one really likes the process of debt collection. People who owe money don’t like getting phone calls, and those doing the calls don’t enjoy being hung up on. It really is a vicious cycle, if you think about it. That’s why Voiptime, a call center solutions developer, has announced the upcoming release of its cloud predictive dialer. This solution’s goal is to make the lives of agents much easier, while boosting their productivity in the process.

The cloud predictive dialer is meant to give debt collection ratios a boost by helping agents call more people in one day. The overall goal of debt collection is to reach as many debtors as possible throughout the course of the day, thus bettering the chances of recovering as much financial resources as possible. That’s where the predictive dialer comes in; it will facilitate fast debt collection because it has several dialing modes, powerful routing, call recording, call monitoring, custom scripts, lead management system, task reminders, real-time and historical reporting.

According to Voiptime’s site, “Our outbound dialing modes will include Predictive (busy agents), Power (waits for an available agent), Progressive (gives you lower call abandonment rates) and Preview (shows the card before dialing) regimes.”

 Predictive dialing is extremely useful for agents trying to reach as many people as possible because it dials several numbers from the pre-loaded phone list and only connects the call to an agent when a live person answers. That means that agents’ time won’t be wasted by outdated numbers, busy signals or dropped calls. If a real person isn’t reached the first time around, the dialer runs several retry sessions in an attempt to get them on the phone. This type of debt collection walks a very thin line, though; agents don’t want to let the dialer become obnoxious, otherwise the debtor will never pick up. That’s why the company has ensured that the dialer only calls a certain number of times, and only during acceptable hours of the day.

 No matter which way an agent chooses to call up a debtor, they will be able to perform more effectively. This is because agents will be able to access all client information and interaction while making the call. Access to client information is important for agents to be successful, because then they can reference their scripts and make adjustments as necessary in order to reach an agreement. They also have the ability to schedule the best time to call thanks to the solution’s interaction report analysis and Time Zone feature. Additionally, the call recording feature enables agents to go back to previous conversations and reference what was discussed beforehand. This helps immensely when it comes to classic “he said, she said” arguments when someone doesn’t want to pay what they owe.

All in all, debt collection is a difficult job. As of now, agents’ days are spent wasting time by manually dialing debtors, only to be ignored. With the help of the predictive dialer, Voiptime hopes to ease this burden on agents and facilitate debt collection.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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