Dubber, MNF Group Get Together on New Cloud Service Options

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Dubber, MNF Group Get Together on New Cloud Service Options

October 03, 2016

A new combination effort recently revealed itself from MNF Group—formerly known as MyNetFone—and Dubber Corp, a group know for its call recording capabilities. A pairing like that has some serious potential for impact, and what the duo had to reveal recently should make those who turn to call recording systems particularly interested.

The new group effort offered up a means to give users access to a kind of cloud-based call recording system, allowing users to not only record calls as normal, but store those recordings in a secure, cloud-based environment. Current MyNetFone customers will be able to get in on this deal in particular, and will make an especially valuable proposition as users won't need to bring in extra hardware, or even extra lines. The service is cloud-based, which allows it to work most anywhere with just a bit of extra software to route the recordings appropriately.

Though MNF Group is still regarded as something of a minor player in the field, especially given the sheer amount of consolidation efforts that have been taking place in the sector recently, MNF Group’s addition of Dubber capabilities should prove to be a sound one all around. The obvious benefit of such a partnership is the standard benefit: Dubber gets to offer up its services to a larger pool of MyNetFone users, while MNF Group gets to augment its own lineup and make itself more valuable to its current customer base. That keeps customers in place, and also allows new ones a reason to get in on the action.

Better yet, recent word from The Motley Fool suggests the group won't be going anywhere for a while. A recent article cited MNF Group's “...well-regarded management team, long-term focus, and the opportunity it has to grow its online voice communications business on a global scale” as reasons to consider the firm “...a solid long-term investment.”

A good investment by itself is welcome news, but good investments today turn into bad investments tomorrow with alarming rapidity. Couple on to this that “long-term focus” mentioned previously, as well as the gathering of new tools and services to offer alongside current matter, and that does improve the chances of this being a successful long-term investment. The problem, however, will be that MNF Group will have to continue expansion in this vein to prove itself a long-term value. Adding Dubber today is a smart idea, but it can only cover so many tomorrows before it loses its luster.

Still, for those users looking for a great way to get call recording into everyday operations, the new connection between Dubber and MNF Group should go quite a ways. There are certainly plenty of options in call recording, but this one may be a real winner, particularly for those already involved with MNF Group offerings.

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