NetPro Expands Success with SIP Print Call Recording

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NetPro Expands Success with SIP Print Call Recording

September 28, 2016

NetPro was founded in 2008 to provide managed network services to businesses across the western United States. The company’s product portfolio includes hosted VoIP phone systems, telecom carrier services, network consulting, hardware sales & support, low voltage cabling, and revenue generating fiber Internet services for housing communities.

“We like to think of ourselves as “one hand to shake” providing comprehensive technology solutions to our clients,” Jon Schlee, Director of Business Development at NetPro told yours truly in an exclusive interview.

To help with delivering call recording, NetPro partnered with SIP Print in 2014 and has been working with the team since to provide full featured call recording for several clients.

When the partnership first started out, Schlee explained, one client was looking for call reporting and occasional recording and another wanted every call to be recorded due to the nature of their finance business.

Thanks to the dynamic flexibility of SIP Print’s on-premises offering, NetPro was able to provide clients with features, functionality, and ease of deployment in multiple environments.

Now, the company is moving into the popular cloud space and again has chosen SIP Print for its cloud-based platform to help deliver a comprehensive call recording system and saving the company thousands on premises- based appliances and annual support agreements.        

This also means NetPro can now offer its smaller hosted VoIP clients call recording capabilities they couldn’t before due the large upfront investment needed to deploy the hardware.

“Now, with a low cost of entry, we can now provide the SIP Print cloud hosted call recording solution to a broad range of clients across our portfolio.”

According to Schlee, the company will be continuing its use of the premises- based appliance for certain applications and will be evaluating and recommending the new SIP Print cloud-based delivery model for future deployments.

This news comes at an important time for businesses who must continue to ensure security accountability and protection for their communications is in place. NetPro sees a bright future ahead for the call recording market, especially in electronic commerce and communications for these same reasons.

Added to the security is the increased productivity for businesses that monitor calls and also significant cost savings as communications platforms advance. 

Edited by Alicia Young

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