DialogTech Uses Nuance Transcription Engine to Power Conversation Insight 2.0

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DialogTech Uses Nuance Transcription Engine to Power Conversation Insight 2.0

September 28, 2016

The sales process of any product or service in many instances requires a conversation between a salesperson and customer. During this interaction a lot of information is exchanged, and if the conversation is properly analyzed it can provide valuable insights to help close the deal and improve the performance of the salesperson. DialogTech, provider of end-to-end call attribution and conversion for data-driven marketers, is looking to improve the analytics process of these conversations by using the Nuance Transcription Engine (NTE) for its new Conversation Insight 2.0 solution.

Nuance is a leader in voice technology, providing the engine for Apple's Siri and many others. The company's NTE applies this technology to automatically transcribe multi-speaker audio data with the highest accuracy in the industry. It then takes prerecorded or live audio streams and turns them into actionable data so organizations can use the information to improve metrics across a range of operational processes and customer interactions.

“Nuance Transcription Engine leverages our vast experience in speech and natural language to unlock previously unattainable data from customer calls, giving marketers a window into content and context and, in turn, enabling big data analytics,” said Robert Weideman, executive vice president and general manager, Nuance Enterprise.

The new Conversation Insight 2.0 by DialogTech uses the Nuance technology to record and transcribe market driven calls. So whether the call is being recorded from a call center, remote agents, other business locations or franchisees, marketers will now be able to run a detailed analysis of the phone conversation.

According to DialogTech, this solution will improve conversion performance, drive better leads and increase revenue for the business with previously unavailable insight into the quality of the phone leads from marketing channels. The platform is able to analyze words that customers use to improve SEM and SEO keyword research and over-the-phone performance of sales agents.

Conversation Insight 2.0 can record calls no matter where they originate from, which makes it an ideal solution for companies that don't have call centers. And DialogTech also revealed it is the only call analytics platform that enables businesses with centralized marketing teams to monitor and analyze calls to their distributed salesforce. This feature makes it possible to use the insights gained from tracking the entire customer journey to improve revenue growth and customer satisfaction.

The platform uses keyword spotting and machine learning to quickly filter, analyze and categorize calls for valuable insights from all of the content and context of every conversation driven by marketing efforts. The conversation is also displayed with a graphic representation to show the different insights, including who is speaking and for how long, the average time it takes for customers to reach agents, if the call was answered and more.

“Calls are a critical touch point along a journey from prospect to customer, but also one of the most difficult for marketers to measure and analyze, especially for calls that don't go to a call center, so providing our customers the ability to explore detailed, accurate analytics on those conversations is eye opening,” said Irv Shapiro, CEO of DialogTech. 

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