DialogTech Releases Conversation Insight 2.0

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DialogTech Releases Conversation Insight 2.0

September 27, 2016

DialogTech, a company that develops software for the tracking of marketing activities, announced this month that it has released the Conversation Insight 2.0 transcription tool for managing audio calls between marketers and their customers.

Conversation Insight first records and transcribes calls. It then analyzes those transcripts to check for keywords and other performance indicators that can lead to detail about the success of marketers’ conversations. Irv Shapiro, the CEO of DialogTech, called this development an important step to better understanding of calls that occur at any place in a business – from a call center to an individual marketer’s office.

“Calls are a critical touch point along a journey from prospect to customer, but also one of the most difficult for marketers to measure and analyze, especially for calls that don’t go to a call center,” Shapiro said, “so providing our customers the ability to explore detailed, accurate analytics on those conversations is eye opening.”

He also commented on the transcription engine from Nuance Communications that DialogTech is using to power Conversation Insight. This led him to note that the recording and transcription of calls in his company’s software could be the most powerful and fastest on the market.

The use of Conversation Insight means to take call analysis from an entirely manual process to one that is largely automatic. Analysts used to listen to recorded calls to search for keywords and determine the overall quality of calls. This could quickly become an impossible chore because of the volume of calls an enterprise can generate. Even a small team of 10 marketers could complete hundreds of calls in a day – a burden on the shoulders of any group that needs to determine a marketing department’s effectiveness.

Now DialogTech’s software can automatically search the transcripts it creates for keywords. It can also use machine learning to determine which aspects of a call point to “success” and judge all future calls on that standard. At the most basic level, DialogTech can generate reports about how quickly calls were answered and show the length of calls between business agents and their customers. Such analysis can have an impact on training and continuing education of a company’s staff. It can free a company from the manual process of listening to recordings and potentially impact the bottom line by improving marketers’ future calls.

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