Firms Relying Heavily on Call Recording

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Firms Relying Heavily on Call Recording

September 26, 2016

Last week, ITWeb and Ninzi Connect Software released the results of a survey conducted amongst South African organizations to examine their Interaction Recording habits. They found that a vast majority of these companies leverage an online contact center to handle the analysis and evaluation of their customer interactions.

Seventy-five percent of those in the survey reported that they had an onsite contact center as a part of their company. An additional 9 percent said they made use of only a virtual contact center, and 15 percent outsourced their call recording to a third party provider. Having an onsite center is the “preferred solution,” says Ric Wilson, Senior Product Manager at Ninzi Connect Software, “due to company policies with regard to security of data, customer privacy regulations and/or considerable investment in hardware/infrastructure.”

Despite this fact, the ultimate goal of many contact centers is to become totally virtual by leveraging the cloud. They are a much more cost-effective solution, and also are more economical in terms of manpower and space required. As security surrounding these cloud-based systems continues to improve, the hypothesis is that more and more contact centers will become virtual.

Those in the survey cited many reasons for their reliance on contact centers, with a large emphasis being placed on customer service. Eighty-threee percent said that a main goal of their contact center was to improve customer satisfaction, and 70 percent indicated that they primarily used their contact center to evaluate and improve the quality of their customer service, as well as their products.

“Increased first-call resolution, decreased average handle time, decreased attrition, both from customers and employees,” are the biggest goals of contact centers, according to Wilson. Leveraging the data gleaned from contact centers and combining it with powerful analytics is an extremely powerful method to achieve these goals. 

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