Call Recording Goes Mobile with Three and Gamma Co-Production

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Call Recording Goes Mobile with Three and Gamma Co-Production

September 20, 2016

Call recording's value has long since established itself, thanks to a combination of legal matters that in some cases require it be used and other cases only allow it to be used under certain specific conditions. When there's that much law around a tool, it's got to be a powerful one, and businesses are increasingly putting it to work. For mobile devices, this is no exception, and a new combined effort from Three and Gamma is delivering exciting new value in a field that seemed dominated by other firms.

Mobile-for-business, as it's sometimes called, is typically controlled by EE, O2, and Vodafone, making it difficult for newcomers to step in and seize chunks of market. A challenge to be sure, it would require a potent new offering to be worthwhile, and that's what Three and Gamma are working to offer. Bringing together a package of useful tools—including call recording, of course, but also adding in call queuing and call forwarding—Three and Gamma seem to be counting on small-company speed and agility to get these products into users' hands before the bigger boys on the block can even figure out what direction to strike off in.

The new slate of services is set to hit by the end of this month, but that won't be the only change. Gamma is also set to bring together its mobile and fixed line services sometime in the first half of 2017, and the Three / Gamma effort will mainly target its current customer line first. The problem, though, is that such a move isn't all that unique; recently-merged firms BT and EE have been seen considering a move to teaming up fixed-line and mobile as well.

Three and Gamma's efforts certainly have a basis in validity. After all, they're looking to seize a competitive edge by offering products and services that may not be so common in the region. The downside of this approach, however, is that it likely wouldn't take long for the big names in the field to bring in their own offerings and undercut Three and Gamma. That's already clear from BT and EE's plans to offer joint services in fixed-line and mobile. Still, if it can take and hold the first-mover advantage for any length of time, it may be able to take advantage of customer inertia to win the day. With more customers going mobile these days thanks to the mobile workforce concept, Three and Gamma's mobile-friendly systems may prove advantageous besides.

Nothing but time will show us the end result here, but Three and Gamma definitely have a noteworthy plan to work with. It's got a good chance of working, but the duo will have to act fast to win. Thankfully, acting fast seems to be the pair's strongest point.

Edited by Alicia Young

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