iFree Skype Recorder Offers Free, Unlimited Voice Call Recording

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iFree Skype Recorder Offers Free, Unlimited Voice Call Recording

September 20, 2016

Although there are a lot of enterprise call recording software options on the market, many are designed for midsize and large businesses that need to capture the calls of entire call centers. For small businesses and less demanding users, those options can work well, but users may find themselves using (and paying for) a bulldozer when all they needed was a shovel.

The iFree Skype Recorder, as recently profiled at tech news site The Windows Club, addresses the market that larger applications may place in their collective shadow. Microsoft Skype often makes its way into offices as a standalone voice and video chat program that can, as TMC has pointed out, help users skirt long distance charges while also providing effective communications channels. But basic Skype, for all its capabilities, does not offer native call recording.

iFree allows users to automatically and manually record their Skype calls. For a single user, it connects to any working Skype session to capture the audio of one or both users in a two-way call. It displays the status of any current call – such as “Recording in progress…” – and can be paused midway through a call to account for any information the user does not wish to capture.

The software then stores all its calls in a local folder for later retrieval. Users can change the configuration settings of iFree to use a mono, stereo, or joint stereo mode; record in a bitrate from 32 bit to 256 bit; and use a sample rate of 16 kHz to 48 kHz. Perhaps most useful to any user: iFree can record for an unlimited period, so calls from five minutes to 500 minutes can find their way into storage.

iFree is available for use on Microsoft Windows versions from XP to 10. The software offers these options in a small package that weighs in at under 2 Mb. It is free to download and use, though the developer does include a link in the application to “Support us,” for continued support and product releases.

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